Gearing up for some fun, family, food and firearms

Well, as you know, I'm all about the *F* words, and I'm looking forward to filling this weekend with as many of them as possible.

You see, my folks will be visiting us from the commie coast of California.

On their last visit, the Hubby and I coerced them into joining us on the range. Hesitant, but willing, both my mom and dad got a short course on firearms safety and functionality and then spent the next hour firing rounds through several different semi-auto pistols and even the AR-15 rifle.

A couple of things struck me as particularly satisfying about that trip. First, my parents actually enjoyed shooting. It wasn't scary or weird, and neither were we...they recognized it for what it was, just a good, safe, fun way to spend an afternoon together. And second, I got to see my mom excel at something she had never tried before. Yep, it turns out she is a natural! Apparently, I get my shooting ability from my mom's side of the family...no offense, Dad, I'm just calling it as I see it.

So, when they scheduled this trip out, a day at the range was automatically factored into the agenda. I think the Hubby will take Dad out to "let the 'big dog' bark" at the 1000 yard range. Then, we'll all head out for a day of gun shopping so they can both try on pistols. Dad really liked my XDM, but the Commies in CA won't let him have one, so we're off to search for something equally fun and comfortable, but with fewer bullets.

The rest of the trip will likely be filled with grandparenty doting and good food. My mom never leaves home without her flash drive filled with recipes. There is truly an art to knowing what something will taste like just from reading the recipe and it's a gift my mom has perfected. I'm excited to break out a few new recipes of my own.

All together, their visit will be a nice distraction from the craziness of the last few weeks. I'll report back soon.


  1. Maybe your dad would like a CZ 75b. It has a 15-round magazine, and is a nice solid, reliable, firearm with low recoil and a long site radius. A bit large for concealed carry, but he could get the SP-01 which is a bit smaller. Also, 9mm is kind of the sweet spot for ammo price if he is not going to reload and is going to practice a lot.

    My mom wants me to take her to the range. Maybe I will do that this week, but I'll start her out on a Ruger Mark III (because I'm not an instructor like you are, LOL).

    I was attracted to the XDM but ultimately went with the Glock 19, and am still not sure I made the right decision. It's really hard to choose without the ability to try the various pistols.

    Anyway, I'm enjoying reading your blog. :)

  2. Thanks! It's great to know I'm not just talking to myself...I love the feedback!!

    Dad ultimately fell in love with the XDM .40. We got him one and then took his mags in to be converted to 10 round capacity. Sad that we had to bastardize a perfectly good 19 round magazine to satisfy some unconstitutional state law, but at least he gets to have the gun he likes.

    We also have a CZ and I had a Glock 19 before I got the XDM. I used to end up with bruises on my grip hand from the size of the grip and impact from recoil. When I tried the XDM, it was love a first shoot! Check it out sometime!

    Thanks for your comments!