Perfect day at the range!

The sun was shining, the wind was still, the babysitter was available...Saturday was a perfect day to let some lead fly at the range.

A few weeks ago, I posted about my new toy, the Saiga 12-gauge shotgun. Since then, we've made a few customizations to her including a new pistol grip, trigger group, adjustable buttstock, gas adjustment knob, and finished it up by ordering two 10-round magazines and a 20-round drum mag. The hubby even sacrificed his own load development and reloading to spend half a day on Friday converting her so we could take her out this weekend to give her a spin. This is the result:

I realize that you can't see the targets very well in the video, but there were 12 stationary targets and the last one was airborne clay pigeon. I obliterated all of them, even with the stove-pipe misfire to distract me. In fact, I've never been known for my accuracy with sporting clays (if I shoot 20%, I'm doing well), but to my surprise, I didn't miss a single flyer the whole day. (Note to self: get 2-round mag and take Saiga dove hunting this year)

Don't get me wrong, this gun is a brute. When I "function tested"  the 20-round mag for the first time, I felt all the adrenaline pumping excitement I did when I was kickboxing. It's loud, rough, has tons of muzzle climb, and about 12 rounds through the 20-round mag and you realize the recoil has backed you up about nine inches and you need to readjust your position. But even with all of that, there's no way to NOT feel like Rambo when you're done unloading 20 rounds.

As if all that wasn't enough to send me home from the range with a grin on my face, I was also able to smack the 500 yard plate on 4 out of 4 shots with the Hubby's home-made 260, and every draw from my new thigh rig felt fast and smooth. Oh, is there any greater joy than a perfect day on the range?

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