I love high capacity magazines

The Brady Campaign has renamed high capacity magazines "Assault Clips" with the sole intention of criminalizing any firearm that holds more than 10 rounds. They created this video which states, "a gun that fires 32 rounds in 16 seconds is only good for one thing...killing lots of people."

Give me a break. Really? Does anyone think that legally armed individuals actually sit around at the range practicing on how to take out dozens of 4 year olds? No. I carry a gun to PREVENT lunatics from taking out my 4 year old. For me, the best firearm to do that with is my Springfield XDM with a 19 round magazine capacity. I love my high capacity magazine, mostly because I hate reloading magazines, but also because I'd rather be over prepared than under prepared in case I ever have to use my gun....just ask Officer Bobby from our police safety presentation his thoughts on the subject and you'll see he agrees.

Most of you know my stance on gun control...the best gun control involves using 2 hands. But the ridiculous thing about this video (and the entire gun control argument in general) is that it lumps people like me--a stay at home mom with 2 kids I'm responsible for keeping safe--with lunatics on a killing spree.

I'm not crazy for wanting to protect my kids. Let's face it, there are hundreds of laws out there preventing criminals and coo-coos from owning guns, but they own them anyway.  How does preventing us good guys from owning them make us safer? If laws and law enforcement could protect us from every gun-toting mass murderer, there wouldn't be any violent crime today. No one is lobbying for cops to carry fewer bullets, or soldiers or anyone else who defends themselves for a living. Yet, because I'm a mom with only myself and my kids to protect, I'm not allowed to carry the tool I need to do the job? And let's be perfectly clear about the job it needs to do: if I draw my gun in defense of myself and my family, failure is not an option, and running out of ammo would be an inexcusable reason to become a victim.

I went to one of the debates at CSU campus following the University's Board's decision to ban concealed carry on campus. On the pro-gun control side sat a sad misguided man who tragically lost his son in the Columbine School shootings, and had crusaded for gun control ever since. During the Q & A that followed the debate, I stood up and asked him if he had been at his son's school that day, what means would he use to prevent his child from being shot by those mentally deranged kids. He replied, "I would have used anything I could." I asked if that included a gun, and he replied, "of course."

I invite you to ask yourself the same question: if you knew your loved ones would be attacked by armed lunatics, what would you do to keep them safe? As a mom, my answer was ANYTHING. Most people walk around never thinking about their response in an emergency. They think as long as they're good people and mind their own business, then nothing bad will happen. I bet that's exactly what that man thought before his son went to school that day.

Lobbying to stop law abiding, parents, teachers and other responsible, upstanding members of society from defending themselves and those around them will do nothing to prevent crazy people from obtaining a firearm and perpetrating violence on whomever they choose. Actually, gun control only emboldens the cowardly nut job who would unload on innocents, except he's scared of being shot by one of them...The Brady Campaign should be lobbying to stop people from being crazy, because that's the real danger, not whether I walk around with 19 rounds in my magazine or not.

I'm going to leave you with this video reminder of what guns in the hands of us normal citizens are really for, so that there's no confusion.Watch it, and then contact your congress member to have him or her oppose this newest proposal from the wackos at Brady.

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